When in the wild, a Betta fish feeds on larvae and insects. First, try using Nutrafin Betta Plus Tap Water Conditioner for Bettas. Many stores don’t sell the Bettas till they are 6-10 months of age so that they will have the long, flowing fins and strong, rich colors that would attract buyers. You can also use trusted quality spring water or a filtration unit like a Brita for tank fill ups and water cycling. Also, there’s a good chance that males will injure each other due to their aggressive territorial nature. However, that does not mean that you will have your fish for three years after buying them today. However, it is not uncommon for well cared for bettas in an aquarium to live to 5+ years with scatter reports of them living to nearly 10 years. The oldest reported betta lived to be 10 years old, and that is what we all should strive for when we want to extend our betta’s lifespan. For any fish, poor water quality equals poor health. A Betta Fish can survive up to 2 weeks without food. They are extremely hardy fish and will survive conditions that would kill other specie. In their current conditions they are all fairly docile. However, we highly encourage you to take a second to learn about the factors that can influence how long they live. In the wild, Betta fish are carnivores and will eat any kind of insect. lately, I been noticing my betta just sitting in the corners in his tank and I would sometimes see him swim around the tank in circles… should I be concern? The lifespan of a fighting fish depends on several factors. When you speak or tap the tank come up to say hello. With that said, no I wouldn’t place Ruby in there with them. In such a small habitat, their life span is usually reduced. Hi! How long a betta fish will live depends on a variety of factors though. Georgia (who was already bigger) has grown to about twice the size of Skye and I’m worried if I add another fish Skye may become a target. 15 years has actually been achieved! I have come to realize something… having had beta fish years ago… I now have five who are in condo’s for now, and moving to their luxury mansion next month… anyway, in the mean time, I’ve learned a lot by observing, and interacting with my betas…, I think some things about betas needs to be changed… first off, no beta’s are not out for blood(no pun intended), all the time, every moment of the day… that if you have other betas in separate bowls, tanks etc., but are next to each other… they will as I call it “display” to one another… they are like the bullies on the block showing how tough they are by displaying their gorgeous long fins…, It’s stupid to think that the males are only thinking of this… beta’s are smart indeed. If you want them to live as long as possible, make sure you give them the best possible environment and habitat that allows them to thrive. I have had Brawny for about 2 years and want to have him around for a lot longer. For example, there have been reports of betta fish living for more than five years. I have a lot of leaf hammocks and other debris at the surface for her to rest on and keep the tank’s water low so she can get to the surface for air. Ideal Betta Tank. Pet stores display betta fish in plastic cups because of their aggression and territorial nature. I breed bettas as well as run a fish rescue program. They are just like other intelligent animals, with displaying as one of their hardwired behaviors… hey he displays to show off to the guys, and to attract a female!! How Long Do Betta Fish Live: If you want your betta to live a full, and healthy life, you need to help create a conducive environment. Learn more. Further, if anything unclear, FAQs will clear your doubts at the end of this article. But those are very exceptional instances. However, before you get too anxious, you should note that Bettas are resilient and can survive up to almost two weeks without food . An Optimal Diet Can Extend Your Betta’s Life Span. Generally they live 2-3 years but this is not carved in stone. You want your fish to be around as long as possible, and knowing this will help you make that happen. Do Betta Fish live longer in captivity or in the wild? or is that normal betta fish behavior? Which means they need visual stimulation daily… if their next bowl over beta male can share “display” time with one another great! His goal is to create a fun, educational, and inspiring community for other betta moms and dads. Being that they are picky eaters, finding the right food to make your betta happy can be difficult. 3. While betta pellets are a great start, you should also be incorporating freeze-dried, frozen, or live bloodworms and brine shrimp to really get all of the nutrients they need. This is my first experience with bettas, I have only raised cichlids — I am sooooo impressed with these fish! !… get it? Betta fish live between 3-5 years in captivity. However, much of this reputation is likely based on improper care over the years. I have a square glass 2.7 gallon tank and I read here that I really should not attach the filter that came with this tank since it is smaller than 3 gallons, so I have not yet. First one had a lot of personality. The most significant factor in the life span of the betta fish is the general care and the conditions that you provide it with. You would be blown away if you knew how many times we get asked: “how long do betta fish live?”. I am an intermediately experienced betta owner, however, this is my first try with a sorority tank. For example, there’s no guarantee that they will be living in water conditions that are suitable for maximizing their lifespan. A betta retirement community hahaa that’s funny. Article by Aquariadise. I saw it in shops being sold in what look like Deerpark water bottles. I have two Bettas and a divided 2.5 gallon tank. Make sure you are feeding an appropriate betta diet around 35% protein. How long a betta can live is mostly based on the tank conditions in which they are kept. Water Quality is Critical. In order to extend betta fish life, you need a happy and healthy betta. Betta fish have developed something of a reputation for being short lived when kept as pets. Diet: is the betta fed an appropriate variety of food? Due to their short lifespan, breeding starts within a … Make sure your tank has a top on it too because betta fish are jumpers and often leap right out of a bowl leading to their death. When other males come into a male Betta’s space, they will start fighting, which can decrease their lifespan … Thoughts or suggestions?? I am wary about moving them while their fry are still growing, but they have started a new nest and are laying more eggs. Everywhere I’ve read says to have a minimum of 3 females in a sorority tank. Tank? This one is cupcake 2. Do not use distilled water because it has been stripped of the essential nutrients and minerals that betta fish need to be healthy. They can be easy to care for, and, under the right circumstances, they can live for several years. If you care for your Bettas properly and provide them with a large tank for them to swim in – with proper water condition – they will live for 3 years on average. It could be age, however, you should consider a leaf hammock or lowering the tank’s water to help him be able to get to the surface easier for air, and consider adding an air pump to oxygenate the water if you have one. An Optimal Diet Can Extend Your Betta’s Life Span. But as a kid, I didn’t know how to take care of mine for the first time, second, third or others, and I never had one live past about three months. I’m not sure how you would use only one as distribution would probably be inconsistent at the middle of the divider – falling on each side. I have another female, Ruby, who has been in a 3 gallon tank alone with her snail for about a year or so and thought about adding her to the sorority tank, but I’m a little leary of how that may turn out. Keep in mind that most pet store bettas are about 1 year old when you purchase them. Hi so my fish like sleeping in the day time and likes to lay far away from plants.is she ok? I think my beta is dying. This is our 2nd beta. Did you know that poor water quality is the primary reason bettas get sick … Beta get bored seeing the same guy next door… so rotate your beta if you have more then one… it’s something new, that will excite them, and get them to want to display once again… these fish enjoy displaying… the pet betas you see, would be so terribly board out of their minds with no one to display to, I think they would go insane to be honest… it’s basic observation people… don’t think that we are the only intelligent beings on this planet… some of the smallest beings can be just as intelligent… let your beta have any many exciting, new experiences… amusements, adventures(from the tank)… change their toys, change around the caves, and plants, and plastic caves, etc. The two most important elements are how old a betta is when you get him or her, and how they are cared for in captivity. The average betta fish life span is 3 to 5 years. Most people will have heard of Betta fish, they are infamous as one of the most aggressive tropical fish around. Can you advise me on water changes and feeding? Would you clarify if I have a heater, then I must have a filter or no? Or is this actually enhancing his environment? Thank you in advance! Use tap water and make sure to use a (dechlorinator) water conditioner to make the water safe for a betta. Males should never be in the same tank with other males, and other aggressive fish are to be avoided (here’s a more in-depth look). Love is beautiful. A full, healthy life is only possible in a cycled and heated tank. They also need lots of spaces to hide and rest, while feeling safe. You could file and sand the divider a fraction lower for the food to be able to pass thru but not the fish, as a last resort also—it can’t be a sharp edge though so it might take some minimal thought. I recently bought a 5.5-gallon tank for my betta male, has two caves to hide in and has plenty of plants. Lifespan In the wild. Generally, the life expectancy of your domesticated betta fish is going to be around 3 years. The Siamese fighting fish lifespan depends on several factors. Hi how can I keep the bottom of the tank clean from wasted food? Fishkeepers should maintain a high level of care, as this will ensure the longest and happiest life for the fish. Betta fish who are fed a good diet will appear to be healthier in terms of their growth rate, coloration, swimming patterns and behavior, and, of course, overall lifespan. However, the fact is that they won’t thrive in those conditions. The average lifespan of a betta fish in capvity is higher than in wild; depends on the genetics, living condition, tank mates, and the care. While you can reverse some of the damage from living in small cups and coming from an uncertain past, you may never know the full story of their care or breeding. Stick to eating cereal out of bowls, not housing any fish in them! With the right knowledge and passion, you can certainly expect your betta fish to live for 2-3 years. How to Ensure your Betta Fish Lives as Long as Possible Buying your Fish. It’s always tough for me to answer this type of question but I will give you some general advice so you can make and educated decision and plan of action. You can also add a lot of live plants or real driftwood can help, or lastly, they do have products that lower pH that you can find online or at your local pet store. Some aquarists said they kept a fighter for 6 years! When I purchased my girls, the store only had 2 baby girls so I got them and put them in their 10 gal tank together and it’s been about 3 or 4 weeks and they are doing amazing together! Ideally, you’d have 4 maybe 5 females in this 10-gallon tank and no more (again the 20-gallon long would be better). According to the Quick Tips inset, at least… Getting a healthy betta from the start is a key factor in how long they will live. He’s still his sweet, happy and social self, but when I see him float onto his side, I get nervous. So, he will find this interesting, and allow him to feel like he’s exploring some place new… it’s simply just think about what you would consider interesting, and exciting if you were a beta fish!!! For your primary question, it should only matter more in larger tanks where a heater might be in one area of the tank and not be able to adequately disperse to the rest of the tank. Love your website . Lifespan of Siamese Fighting Fish. Reply from David C. Amazingly, betta fish live for 2 to 3 years on average. This may seem shorter than that of Bettas in captivity because the competition in the wild makes things less certain for Betta fish. The Betta fish, Siamese fighting fish, or betta as it’s known by its genus, is an elegant tropical freshwater fish that is popular as a pet and often housed in eclectic home aquariums. and any recommendations to what I should do? !… no a beta doesn’t want to be kept in a cup alone!! Happy and Healthy Bettas for Extending Your Betta’s Lifespan. This option is easier and should reduce potential stress. If you love your pet Betta fish and want to increase its lifespan then look at the nutritional need of your little buddy. That’s quite a wide potential age range and there are a number of reasons for this. A good diet will help increase the growth rate, lifespan, and colors of the fish. The other one is limited also but not quite as bad. Generally it’s important to feed your betta a diet that is diverse and contains variety. Thanks! It get enough natural light. If you love your pet Betta fish and want to increase its lifespan then look at the nutritional need of your little buddy. This is the second most important piece of the puzzle if you want to maximize the lifespan of a betta fish. The average betta fish lifespan for male and females is 2-4 years in captivity. I’d recommend a larger tank if you have two betta’s. Yes, in most cases bettas do live longer in captivity. The key to achieving the longest possible life for your Betta fish is to provide the most beneficial natural environment as possible. There are different answers on this question about Betta Fish. I was going to use tap water with a conditioner but then I bought the heater (Bettatherm Mini Size Betta Bowl Heater) and it says use Only with Betta Water. Learn how your comment data is processed. You are correct, all you need is tap water with a conditioner (as long as your tap water is okay). How to Ensure your Betta Fish Lives as Long as Possible Buying your Fish. With the right genetics, environment, and care from the onset of a betta’s life, they can live up to 6 or 7 years or more. You should also clean your betta's tank and water regularly so it doesn't get sick. It’s always unclear how they have been cared for when coming from suppliers, and unknown breeders. It should come as no surprise that purchasing a healthy fish from a reputable supplier will make a huge impact on the lifespan of your betta fish. To help a betta fish live longer, feed it a healthy diet that consists of live food, betta pellets, and frozen fish food. Even so, its rare for a Betta to live more than five years. Keep your betta fish’s tank clean and consider using a filter to reduce ammonia, nitrites, and nitrites. First, 10-gallons would be the minimum size for a sorority, and a 20-gallon long tank would be best. Our Betta fish, Zsa Zsa recently died, and I am wondering what their expected life span is? I’m in set up mode and was hoping you could help. After many attempts, they finally have viable offspring! The Betta fish in the wild has an average lifespan of 2 years. I’m a grandma! The average betta fish lifespan when kept in aquariums is roughly three years. In a 2.7-gallon I don’t see that being an issue. One past away at 10 another at 11 and i still have an oldest at 13 years of age. Hi, Bryan, There is so much conflicting advice out there, I just don’t know who to turn to anymore. To maximize the lifespan of your betta fish, it is imperative that you provide adequate space in the tank and maintain high water quality. I have a female betta who is about 4 years old who got SBD and now she sinks like a rock as soon as she stops swimming ever since. I should note also, that Ruby was in with another fish when I first got her and she kept her distance, but he kept chasing her and nipped a fin so I removed her immediately. However, in captivity, with the right care, a betta can live up to 10 years. Watch their life evolve from courtship, eggs, fry to adulthood in this glittering video. 25 watt) heater with a built in thermostat for tanks 2.5 gallons and above. Here’s a video showing a quick recap on the betta fish lifespan. I should note he’s a doubletail, and I’ve read they are prone to such issues. Wild betta live, on average, two years. When you pick your Betta, it’s really important to choose one … When she's not writing about fish you can find her hiking, swimming, and doing yoga. We felt that this was an important thing to point out just to help manage expectations for any new owners. This will help to keep the tank’s water temperature consistent. But now I guess comfortable has a leaf that it lays on a lot of the day. However, stick to foods high in meats, fish, and shrimp. How Long Do Betta Fish Live In Captivity? Haven’t had an algae problem since. I raised his water temp to 80 degrees, stopped feeding him fish pellets, now feeding him peas. If my pH is high and nitrates but other tests good what do I do ? However, stick to foods high in meats, fish, and shrimp. Steps. Took some time. So, how long do betta fish live really? In order to extend betta fish life, you need a happy and healthy betta. I’m happy to hear the first two are doing well. They have a short lifespan. He is very affectionate, and loves me right back. A 25% weekly water change was recommended. Since then, he’s been himself again, although as I described above. This will also help them sleep, which impacts lifespan quite a bit. When a lot of people research how long betta fish live they’re under the assumption that they’ll have their fish for their entire life. In captivity the average betta fish lifespan is about 3 years of age, but it is not unusual for them to live up to 5 years. Let us continue reading, Lifespan of a Betta Fish … He’s in a 5 gallon Fluval Chi with lots of rocks, sand, a cave, and anya for hiding. I have had Bettas in the past, but this one seems obsessed with a seashell (properly cleaned and aquarium safe) – he displays in front of it and puffs up.